Limousine Toledo FAQ

Whenever hiring a limo or party bus, you should always inquire about drivers, vehicle models, passenger capacity, pricing structure, service guarantees, and maintenance practices. Ensure safety measures are in place to gauge reliability and service quality. Comfort, safety, and transparency are key. On your end be ready to provide details about your event, such as date, time range, number of passengers, and any special requests. Once satisfied, make your reservation with us. It’s also wise to book well in advance to secure your preferred limo & time.

In order for us to let you know about pricing or availability, you’ll have to call one of our friendly customer service agents! They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We do not allow any smoking in the vehicles in order to keep them fresh, but as long as you and your guests are 21 and over you’re certainly allowed to drink on the vehicle.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you feel about it, we do not have bathrooms on board any of our limousine vehicles.

We do not allow for any pets on the vehicles because they are even more prone to cause damage than a 21st birthday outing. Along with others being very allergic to various animals and we want our limos and party buses to be as close to brand new for every rental as possible.

While assuming all guests are of legal drinking age you are free to bring any alcohol you wish, or even ask your driver to stop a store for you, but no, we do not carry a liquor license so we can not sell or provide you with alcohol.

None at all! Our prices are transparent so that you know exactly what you'll be paying before you even book your bus. Not only will everything be listed in your booking agreement with us but you can also ask out office staff any questions you may have when booking. We suggest writing down any questions you have so you don't forget to ask anything you are unclear about.

We charge by a division of intervals based on your agreed upon hourly rate. So that you only pay for the time you use. However, we do ask that if you know you will be going over time for a long duration that you tell us ahead of time so we don't have any logistic issues, and it may even save you some money on your rental.

Yes, we require that a security deposit is made over the phone with a credit card. Once you do so you have officially booked the party bus or limousine that you want, meaning it will no longer be available for that date and time period to any other customers who may have asked for a free quote on the same vehicle for the same time. It's first come first serve, and putting down your security deposit is officially being the first.

We do ask that you at least do the minimum of putting any garbage in the garbage cans, that's just being respectful, also asking all of your guests to clean up there immediate area as your trip is coming to an end is a good way to make sure no one accidentally leaves their phone or any other property behind when leaving the vehicle. Once the vehicle is back we have a team of detailers to give each vehicle a deep cleaning before it is sent to another customer.

Give us a call. We do our absolute best to make sure any valuables left on the bus are kept safe and set aside. But due to the trash being emptied and since our luxury vehicles can seat over 40 passengers we can't guarantee we will even be able to find whatever may have been lost. But we are certainly happy when we can yet again make someones day by finding something they thought was gone forever, never to be seen again.

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